DR Congo - The fighting women and the long road

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DR Congo - The fighting women and the long road

After gender disparity there must be gender equality, but not all roads are easy. The democratic republic of Congo has one of the harshest realities for women in the world, but the 22nd of February we want to talk about the women who fight against the oppression, for the rights of women.

The Association of Foreign affairs (UF) in Uppsala together with FEMSAM and FEMJUR will the 22nd of February host a Fundraiser for FemDefenders at Östgöta nation in Uppsala (Sweden).

The Fundraiser will focus on the efforts that are made to improve equality for the citizens of DR Congo. The evening will start of with a panel debate in the Grand Hall of Östgöta nation. The panelists will discuss questions such as; why we need to stop calling DR Congo the rape capital of the world, how transformations of norms can contribute to a more equal DR Congo and the importance of legislative work for equality. After the debate we will continue our evening in the bar of Östgöta nation while listening to live music that will be performed by the band “Mary and the Sour grapes”.

Where: Östgöta nation in Uppsala (Sweden)
When: The doors will open at 16:30, with the panel discussion starting at 17:00
The entrance fee is 35 kr, all winnings goes to FemDefenders.

For more information about the event check out at our facebook event “Gender Equality Month- Fundraiser for Femdefenders”. (https://www.facebook.com/events/187268105200502/) or write to us at aktivitet@ufuppsala.se

To enter the Fundraiser at Östgöta Nation in Uppsala you will need a nation card. Not a student in Uppsala? Send an email to aktivitet@ufuppsala.se

Welcome to join us as we raise money to make DR Congo a more equal country for everyone.

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    Stort tack till alla er som var med och bidrog till den här insamlingen! Tack vare er kan vi fortsätta att arbeta för att stärka kvinnor i krig och konfliktdrabbade områden.
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